Velid Mulić


I have stained the book in ink
and worried too long
that the pages fear my strokes
in worry that each word will ruin it
but I can’t know until I ask
will you be my muse, my easle?

When the sun has long set
look for its reflection
and you will know the way

Trying to Write a Poem

Trying to Write a Poem

I want to write a poem,
but I don’t know where to start.
Let me think, so um,
maybe I’ll compare my crush to a work of art!

No that’s too cheesy.
Maybe I’ll write about darkness and despair.
A metaphor of a boy being a kite; driftin’ he-
he probably has no control in the air!

Eh, that’s overused.
Boy writing is hard.
All this thinking is making me snoozed.
This page will probably be another I discard.

Oh, hey wait a minute now,
maybe if I just read this and sit-
well, holy cow!
I actually did it.

Saving Me

Saving Me

In a moments notice
I found myself surrounded in darkness
dazed and confused, there I lie
wondering when joy had left me with sorrow
and when I didn’t think there could any worse,
I lost sight of even myself.
Just a body and a mind, separated.
All felt lost.

as suddenly as I slipped into this dark despair
I saw your face.
When my own leg became a stranger
you became familiar
your grace ignited a fire
which lit up the room with a light
so blinding I needed to adjust
and when the darkness fought back,
your light retaliated ten-fold.

but you never knew,
and you still don’t.
That you’ve saved me in my darkest days
and made me commit to fight the darkness,
should it ever think of returning.

With Certainty

With Certainty

I would say you’re finally mine,
but I am not quite sure.

I would make mountains go down on their knees
and oceans rise up into clouds
then part like the seas.
I would say you’re finally mine,
but I am not quite sure.

I would go to the depths of hell,
drag out the devil himself,
and make him obey until he returned from whence he fell
I would say you’re finally mine,
but I am not quite sure.

I would carry the sun on my back for miles
if only to give you the sight of its rise and set
and be happy despite all my trials.
I would say you’re finally mine,
but I am not quite sure.

I will, however, say that I am yours,
and of that, I am quite certain.

When I see you

When I see you

my heart sprouts wings and flies
the ends of my lips run from each other like madmen
and my thoughts ride the high
when I see you
my angel, M

In Due Time

In Due Time

In due time
I’ll quite possibly begin an adventure
filled with laughter and a happily ever after
or clouds will reign for months
In due time

Dear Child

Dear Child

We’ve been watching closely
all the way from the other side
we see that you’re going crazy, slowly
that your will is being tried and tried

But don’t allow your hope to secede
carry on my brave son
for you must if you wish to succeed
your work is not done

While there are still mouths to feed
and joys to bring
the world is in need
of you, our king

We’re calling from the other side
all of us, in one big crowd
to tell you, our pride:
your actions have been loud
and God hears you, my son



Whatever happened to
Never Again?
I ask because I’ve seen the aftermath
of Again, and Again.
Those who outlive Again
often do not escape it.
Hatred fueling hatred,
generations grow with a story of
who the bad guys are
and their hearts close to compassion
and their minds close to reality
and soon enough, it happens

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