If I Could

I’d show you my world
if it were only possible
each groove I’ve felt
each word I’ve heard
each aroma I’ve smelt
each bite I’ve tasted
each sight I’ve seen

You’d feel the wooden tables
of all the cafes
and rough, yet calming rocks
more welcoming than the concrete jungle

You’d hear the soothing voices
of gossip over coffee
and clicks of shoes and heels
on old stone streets

You’d smell the bakeries
their fresh bread
and delicious delicacies
awaiting a delightful soul to please

You’d taste the pure, refreshing fountains
scattered across the old cobblestone town
and food made for kind people
instead of cold money

You’d fall for its new old bridge
-a breath-taking limestone arch-
its restaurant near the cave
-with crystal clear running water cold as ice-
its nights filled with countless stars
-covering the sky like children in a park-
its balance between marble scars and a re-surging present
-as tombstones watch over new populations-

But no two realities are identical
to recreate an experience
is to invent a whole new memory
let’s discover a new world
Our world.