My interest in Poetry began in elementary school. The first time I tried making poems was, if I remember correctly, back in the 6th grade. Though those poems aren’t masterpieces by any means, I was proud of them at the time. In my sophomore year of high school, I had a teacher who many warned me to be the strictest teacher I would ever have. She played a song in one of our earliest classes called “Do you realize.” I, being a smart-ass, decided to say that the song was essentially the guy hitting on a girl. It started with do you realize you’re beautiful, proceeds to basically say something like YOLO, then repeats that the person is beautiful. The teacher laughed at the alternative meaning and said something about a poetry elective she used to teach. Come Senior year, I took the class, and it was wonderful.

I’ve written quite a few poems by now and wanted to store them somewhere. I’ve been using Google Drive until now, but I want to be able to share them more publicly. WordPress, to me, feels like the perfect balance of the two. I get to share my work with an audience and I have the control to make changes if I ever feel it’s needed! If you’re interested in my poetry, please follow via e-mail so you can get updates when I post new ones 🙂