Velid Mulić


If I Could

If I Could

I’d show you my world
if it were only possible
each groove I’ve felt
each word I’ve heard
each aroma I’ve smelt
each bite I’ve tasted
each sight I’ve seen

You’d feel the wooden tables
of all the cafes
and rough, yet calming rocks
more welcoming than the concrete jungle

You’d hear the soothing voices
of gossip over coffee
and clicks of shoes and heels
on old stone streets

You’d smell the bakeries
their fresh bread
and delicious delicacies
awaiting a delightful soul to please

You’d taste the pure, refreshing fountains
scattered across the old cobblestone town
and food made for kind people
instead of cold money

You’d fall for its new old bridge
-a breath-taking limestone arch-
its restaurant near the cave
-with crystal clear running water cold as ice-
its nights filled with countless stars
-covering the sky like children in a park-
its balance between marble scars and a re-surging present
-as tombstones watch over new populations-

But no two realities are identical
to recreate an experience
is to invent a whole new memory
let’s discover a new world
Our world.

God Sent Me An Angel

God Sent Me An Angel

her smile empowers the embers in my heart
her voice sends a soothing calm to my veins
her heart melts me in warmth, not fire or ice
her presence jolts me with the energy of nuclear power
and I can only hope, I’m her angel

For My Angel

For My Angel

An angel walks among us
its wings concealed in humility
only visible in the shine of its smile
-and oh what a smile yes
so filled with infectious joy and tranquility
because with this angel, exists a life worthwhile

Some Falls

Some Falls

Nature’s buildings grow weary and old
not even the fresh coat prevents its loss
it prepares for the sea of white darkness to come.
The essence of life
runs a continuous stream
as if staying
yet going
all at once
down to old friends who’ve taken the plunge.
A war brews
its cause just,
although a single death seems to be too much,
or exactly enough
because wars can be won –
and always are –
only after a life has ended.
A simple step on air
and life either ends
Or changes forever;
just pray the walker is strong.

Forgotten Words

Forgotten Words

Forgotten words strangle in their silence
as their audience grows deaf
to more than the quiet speaker.
Speak with cannon balls and fear not the noise;
Someone else lit the fuse



The time to await the sun has passed
but I find myself up at night
thinking of faces passed
feet from a memorable fright
of dying alone,

But he didn’t pass alone
a future was left behind
in what shortly became a full home
with each child helping the other unwind
and remember a man
who must’ve often felt alone

I was surprised when
I saw just a portion of those he’d touched
in this mortal den
my heart, my hand clutched
no one is ever alone

One day

One day I’ll write a poem
for you
but it must be as beautiful
as you
and express my feelings
to you
but my mind is still chaotic
about you.


I ventured into the fray
that us fools call emotion
because it hurts each day
waiting for my fatal decision
to tell you
to tell you that I


I hate u
cause u drive me crazy.
Cause I truly believed
I was done
w/ love.
But your smile
it steals my breath and
damn it I need to breath!

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